Thursday, October 25, 2007


NEW YORK, USA (October 25,2007) – Bosnia's Prime Minister Nikola Spiric had a meeting in New York with the UN General Assembly Speaker Srdjan Kerim and informed him on the current situation in Bosnia.

Spiric said that many good reforms have been implemented in Bosnia.But, they have not been promoted enough. He emphasized that the Bosnian economy is making headway and that all these are statements passed in Washington by the World Bank and the IMF representatives.

Spiric expressed disappointment with Bosnia’s failure to initial the Stabilisation And Association Agreemnt (SAA) with the EU, for, as he said, that would have created the necessary quantum of positive energy Bosnia needs.

Spiric emphasized that dialogue between Bosnia's political leaders and International Community is a necessity.

Mr. Kerim agreed with Spiric that the SAA is the most important document for Bosnia after the Dayton Agreement and expressed full support to the country’s Euro-Atlantic integrations.

He also emphasized the importance of strengthening the Bosnian state institutions.

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