Thursday, October 25, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (October 25,2007) – 47th International Theatre Festival (MESS) opened last night at the Bosnian National Theatre in Sarajevo.

Dino Mustafic, Director of the Festival, stated that the audience opened the festival; not an actor, not a writer, but audience.

Mustafic added that MESS is for many a part of their youth and an important fact in biography and that is why the festival must never be a subject of any political influences.

Having said this, Mustafic called the audience to open the international theatre festival with the most valuable gift for the actors, directors and other theatre workers – applause.

19 plays will be performed at the Festival, 3 concerts, 3 exhibitions, 3 workshops. About 500 guests are expected at the festival.

The Festival opened with “Orestia”, directed by the German Berlin Theatre’s director Mihael Talhajmer.Theatre critics from Germany have stated that the play is a masterpiece.

Over 100 journalists and photo reporters from Bosnia, region and Western Europe have been registered and will report from the Festival. Over 30 famous theatre critics from all over Europe will be guests to the Festival. They will participate at the daily roundtable sessions aimed to affirm the theatre critic.

19 plays will be performed at 8 different locations in nine days and the newest theatre trends will be offered to the audience.

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