Wednesday, October 10, 2007


MILOCER, Montenegro (October 10,2007) – Director of the Bosnian Directorate for European Integration Osman Topcagic, who is participating in the international conference “Through Cooperation towards Integrations” in Milocer, Montenegro, said that the host country has initiated and the participants in the conference supported the initiative that regional countries sign a joint memorandum on technical cooperation in the process of European integration.

“I expect all countries to take necessary internal procedures and the memorandum to be signed in the upcoming period. That would give an official form to the already good cooperation between our countries in the process of European integration”, Topcagic said.

Speaking at the conference in Milocer, Topcagic said that Bosnia is yet to reach an agreement on police reform, which is the main condition for signing the Stabilisation and Association Agreement.

“The agreement has been negotiated. Bosnia is building institutional capacities necessary for progress in the process of European integration”, Topcagic said at the conference.

The Montenegrin Secretariat for European Integration, together with the German Organisation for Technical Cooperation (GTZ), organised the conference.

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