Monday, October 15, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (October 15,2007) - Bosnia’s top politicians have failed to reach a compromise on police reform at last-ditch talks designed to pave the way for closer ties with the EU.

After missing an earlier deadline on September 30, Thursday’s talks among the main political parties of Bosnia were seen as the last opportunity to agree on police reform ,a precondition for concluding a treaty with Brussels,ahead of a meeting of EU foreign ministers today.

“We were hoping for a miracle, but a miracle didn’t happen”, the top international official in Bosnia, Miroslav Lajcak, told media.

He warned that he would be informing the EU of the failure when the new deadline runs out today,October 15.

“We don't have an agreement, we don't have a chance, a hope for an agreement, and we don't have a chance that this country is going towards the EU”, Lajcak told media after the meeting.

“This is a decision by political leaders who think it is better to reject agreement, and this is the message that Bosnia is sending today to the EU.”

Representatives of countries and international institutions engaged in Bosnia’s post-war reconstruction, the so-called Peace Implementation Council ( PIC), will meet by the end of this month to discuss progress in the reform agenda and what measures to take, in case no agreement is reached on police reform in Bosnia.

“We did the worst thing for you, that is for the people of Bosnia”, Dragan Covic, leader of the HDZ Party, told media after the meeting.


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