Monday, October 15, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (October 15,2007) – The Bosnian Government determined Bill Changing and Amending the Law on Participation of Bosnian Armed Forces’ Members and Police and State Officials and Other Employees in Peace supporting Missions and Other Activities Abroad at its 25th session.

The Bosnian Ministry of Defense, will submit the Bill to the Bosnian Parliament for discussion.According to the Bill, The Bosnian Defense Ministry and the Bosnian Armed Forces’ Command will realize the acts in accordance with its jurisdiction that they have.

At the same time, the Bill enables the Bosnian Armed Forces’ Reserve members to be sent abroad voluntarily to participate at the peace support missions.

The Bosnian Council of Ministers also determined the Bill Changing and Amending the Law on the Bosnian Medals. The Bill will be sent to the parliamentary procedure for discussion.

The Bosnian Government also adopted the Bill for Negotiations for Concluding the Agreement Changing the Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation between Bosnia and China.

Bill on Basis of Negotiations for Agreement on Status of Peace Support Missions Training Headquarters between Bosnia and the UK and the Northern Ireland has also been adopted.

The Bosnian Government also determined the Bill on the Basis of Negotiations for the purpose of signing the European Agreement on the Main Inner Water Routes that are of international significance.

This agreement will enable Bosnia to harmonize the legal, technical and security demands of the EU in the water routes sector.

The Bosnian government passed a Decision on Formation of the Workgroup for development of Bill Changing and Amending the Law on Bosnian Witness Protection Program, proposed by the Bosnian Ministry of Security.

There are 12 members in the Workgroup which is to develop the Bill in accordance with the Bosnian Constitution and international standards within 90 days.

The Bosnian Government also adopted the Information of the European Integrations Direction related to the implementation of certain temporary measures aimed to efficiently implement the ICTY mandate and other international restrictive measures.

Council of Ministers adopted the Information on formation of the Central System of Vehicle registration.

The concept of vehicle registration adopted April 15 2004 has been put out of force.

The Bosnian Ministry of Communications and Traffic is to define a new concept of vehicle registration within 30 days in accordance with the Law on Traffic safety Basis.

The new vehicle registration document should be put in use by April 1 2008.

The Bosnian Government also accepted the Protocol from the First Session of the Interstate Bosnian – Russian Commission for Trade and Economic Cooperation, proposed by the Bosnian Ministry of Trade and Economic Relations.

The Bosnian Government nominated Dragan Skrbic of the Bosnian Civil Affairs Ministry and Bakir Dautbasic of the the Bosnian Ministry of Security to the positions of the Bosnian State Attorney and the Bosnian Deputy State Attorney.

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