Wednesday, September 19, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 19,2007) – The Ambassador of Switzerland to Bosnia Rolf Lenz visited the Bosnian Central Bank(CBBH) and congratulated Governor Kemal Kozaric the 10th Anniversary of this institution.

During the discussions he had with the Swiss Ambassador,Governor of the Bosnian Central Bank Kemal Kozaric stressed the cooperation that the Bosnian Central Bank has with one of the Swiss Banks - the Bank for International Settlement (BIS) in Basle. Namely, the Bosnian Central Bank holds a part of its foreign reserves in the BIS and this Bank is also the portfolio manager through which the Bosnian Central Bank invests a part of its foreign reserves into securities.

Speaking on operations of this institution,Governor Kozaric, among other things, informed the Swiss Ambassador that for two years already the Bosnian Central Bank has allocated 60% of its profit, after reaching the threshold of 5% ratio of monetary liabilities and authorized capital and general reserves, into the budget of state institutions.

Ambassador Lenz was also interested in possibility of setting up the state level banking supervision in Bosnia and offered Swiss help in education of the Bosnian Central Bank employees.

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