Wednesday, September 19, 2007


ZAGREB, Croatia (September 19,2007) – The media and the security sector was the topic of a two-day seminar, which opened in the Regional Arms Control Verification and Implementation Assistance Centre (RACVIAC) in Zagreb,Croatia, on Monday.

Representatives of state institutions and the media from Bosnia,Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldavia and Serbia discussed different aspects of media report on the field of security.

Special attention was dedicated to the role of the media in the development and strengthening of processes which are in the service of stabilising events and preventing conflicts.

RACVIAC Director Major General Stergios Papotis said in his opening remarks that the topic and messages of the seminar correspond with the mission of this centre, which is based on promoting dialogue and better understanding in the region of Southeastern Europe.

RECVIAC was established in 2000 as a multinational centre under the wing of the Stability Pact. Activities on redefining the status of this centre are currently under way. The emphasis will be placed on the strengthening of regional stability and the intensicication of cooperation with the EU, NATO, OSCE and the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC).

The Bosnian Ministry of Foreign Affairs official Nedzad Hadzimusic should soon take over as the RACVIAC Director.

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