Friday, September 21, 2007


NEVESINJE, Bosnia (September 21,2007) - Trefor Williams, Director, Democratisation Department of the OSCE Mission to Bosnia, granted the Certificate of Graduation to the Municipality of Nevesinje for successful implementation of the UGOVOR Project that promotes local democracy in regard to closer cooperation between citizens and local governance.

The OSCE Senior representative granted the Certificate to Branislav Mikovic, Mayor of Nevesinje and emphasized that Nevesinje was the second municipality in Bosnia which implemented this program.

“Local authorities have shown that they are accountable to citizens and that they are committed to work in the interest of the community”— Williams pointed out.

Branislav Mikovic, the municipal mayor highlighted that the Municipality of Nevesinje had implemented all obligations emanating from the UGOVOR Project which are concerned with democratisation and modernising the work of local governance.

He said that the Law on Free Access to Information Act had been implemented in the past two and half years as well as the Code of Ethics for elected representatives. In addition, a Municipal Developmental Planning Committee was established, a Municipal Developmental Strategy adopted and a partnership established with citizens.

The ceremony which took place at the premises of the Municipality of Nevesinje was also attended by Denis Bart, Senior Manager for Local Self-Governance, Michaela Seitz, Senior Democratisation Officer, representatives of the OSCE Field Office in Trebinje, representatives of Nevesinje Municipal Council and other representatives from social, cultural and economic life in Nevesinje.

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