Friday, September 21, 2007


MOSTAR, Bosnia (September 21,2007) - The Second International Symposium entitled “Finances and Accounting in the Function of Economic Growth in Bosnia” started yesterday in Mostar.

Augustin Mišić, manager of “Fircon” d.o.o. company which organizes the symposium, declared for journalists that the event has great importance for all persons from the accounting field.

“Within the main topic the reforms and achievements in the accounting and auditing field, financial institutions and market, and public finances will be specially elaborated”, Mišić said.

Minister of finances and treasury of Bosnia, Dragan Vrankić, who will make presentation at the symposium, pointed out that in the spirit of the reforms which are implemented in Bosnia the ambient like the one in the surrounding countries can be created, as well as conditions for free market of capital and investments which will provide a normal development of Bosnia.

“We have made great reforms in the financing sector. Apart from implementation of VAT which is realized in a very successful manner, I hope that until 2008 we shall have a modern fiscal sector in Bosnia”, Vrankić said, adding that very good reforms have been implemented in the banking sector.

Speaking on the economic stability of Bosnia and its indebtedness, Vrankić said that Bosnia will very soon fulfill conditions demanded from it to start joining EU.

Vrankić pointed out that Bosnia is indebted but not overindebted, noting that its foreign debt amounts to 4 billion Bosnian Marks.

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