Wednesday, September 26, 2007


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (26.September,2007) - Another UNPROFOR British battalion officer has testified before the Bosnian State Court at the trial of the Croatian war criminal Pasko Ljubicic.Former member of the British Battalion with the UN Peace Forces in Bosnia,Michael Dooley ,has testified, as a Prosecution witness, about the war happenings in Vitez and Ahmici in 1993.

"Passing through Vitez we saw corpses near all houses, by house windows and by the road. I suppose I saw about 50 killed men," witness Michael Dooley said,adding that he did not see any Bosnian soldiers in Vitez at that time, but that there were the Croatian aggressor's soldiers.
"A group of soldiers was going towards the houses in which there were civilians who were still alive. We turned our guns towards the soldiers and we got ready to resist should they start shooting. They turned around and left," the witness has said.

Ljubicic, former member of the Croatian aggressor's formations, is charged with having ordered and participated in the attacks on Bosnian civilians in Busovaca, Vitez and the surrounding villages in the course of 1993,during the Croatian aggression against Bosnia.

During these attacks, the Bosnian civilians from this area of Bosnia were deported or murdered, while their property was destroyed or pillaged by the Croatian aggressor.

Dooley claims to have visited the Bosnian village of Ahmici, after being in Vitez, because the "operational centre" informed him that some "problems were noticed" in that area.

"I did not see one single living person. There were many killed families. It seemed that they had run out of their houses and they had been killed in the courtyards," the witness said, adding that he collected the corpses together with other UNPROFOR members.

"We transferred the bodies to a safe place so that their family members would be able to find them when they heard what had happened," Dooley said, adding that they "collected between 20 and 30" bodies in one part of the village only, but there were many more in the other parts of the village.

The witness also claims that they saw about 15 Croatian aggressor's soldiers on the way out of Ahmici, and that UNPROFOR "would have started fighting with them had they known of any survivors in the village".

Answering Defence Attorney Tomislav Jonjic's questions during the cross-examination, Dooley has said that it would have taken at least 100 soldiers for the "operation" in Ahmici.

The Bosnian State Prosecutor considers that Croatian war criminal Pasko Ljubicic lead the attack on the Bosnian village of Ahmici on 16 April 1993.

The trial is due to continue today, 26 September 2007.

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