Wednesday, September 26, 2007


BOSANSKI ŠAMAC, Bosnia (26.September,2007) – The Bosnian Council of Ministers Chairman Nikola Spiric, the Head of the European Commission Delegation to Bosnia Michael Dimitris Kourkoulas and the Bosnian Indirect Taxation Authority Director Kemal Causevic opened the newly built border crossing in Bosanski Šamac.

Spiric said that this border crossing should accelerate communication between Bosnia and the rest of the Europe, and stressed that everything possible is being done to accelerate Bosnia's road towards the EU membership and other international structures.

He said that all sides in Bosnia should make an effort to complete the necessary reforms of the Bosnian constitution and police, which will then allow Bosnia to join the EU.

Ambassador Kourkoulas reminded of activities that are being taken to put Bosnia in control of its borders.

He added that Bosnia is expected to become a full member of the EU and that as other member states is will then no longer need such border crossings.

30 million Euros have been spent on the project of managing the Bosnian border crossings during the past ten years.

The Bosnian Indirect Taxation Authority Director Kemal Causevic said that the opening of this border crossing will improve the collection of indirect taxes in Bosnia.

The border crossing Bosanski Šamac is on the M-17 road and on the border between Bosnia and Croatia. Its opening marks the start of the second phase of building modern border crossings, which will also be built in Bosanski Brod, Zupci and Klobuk.

The EU funded the construction of the border crossing Bosanski Šamac with 3.8 million Euros.

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