Tuesday, December 2, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (December 2,2008) - There were no death cases in Bosnia from AIDS in 2008. 156 Bosnian citizens infected with HIV have been registered so far of whom 98 have AIDS.

This was said yesterday at the press-conference of the FBIH Entity Ministry of Health in Sarajevo on the occasion of December 1st, World AIDS Day.

Heterosexual way of transmitting HIV is still dominant in Bosnia. The high percentage of persons with risk behaviour such as drugs consumers and promiscuous people is troublesome.

More than 42.000 students were included in education on HIV prevention in the FBIH entity during this year, and around 90.000 young people were involved into preventive activities.

According to the last year’s data, 33 million people are infected with HIV in the world, out of which 30, 8 million adults and around 2 million children.

There were 2, 7 million newly infected people in the world during the last year, out of which 370.000 children, 2 million people died of AIDS, out of which 270.000 children.

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