Monday, December 1, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (December 1,2008) - Montenegro's Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic led today in Sarajevo delegation of Montenegro in talks with representatives of the Bosnian government led by the Prime Minister Nikola Spiric, in the first visit to our country since Montenegro declared independence two and a half years ago.

Spiric said after the meeting, that there are no open issues between the two countries, but improvement of cooperation is needed in all areas and especially in the field of economy.

The representatives of the two governments signed yesterday four interstates agreements.

The Bosnian Minister of Civil Affairs Sredoje Novic and Minister of Interior and Public Authority of Montenegro Jusuf Kalamperovic signed the Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation, then the Agreement in the Cooperation in the are of Culture and Agreement on Cooperation in Education, while Kalamperovic and the Bosnian Minister of Security Tarik Sadovic signed the Agreement on Readmission.

The Montenegrin Ambassador to Bosnia Ramiz Basic stated that this visit comes within development of neighborly cooperation.

However, they will also touch some political issues, primarily during Djukanovic’s meeting with the Bosnian State Presidency members and the Bosnian State Parliament's chairs of both houses.

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