Thursday, November 20, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (November 20,2008) - Daniel Florea from the Board of Directors of International Relief and Development (IRD), an American NGO (non-governmental organization),is currently in Bosnia to gather information about the needs of local communities. On the basis of that information, IRD will apply for funds to assist Bosnia.

Florea said Bosnia is a priority for the organization, which is why IRD’s office was opened in Bosnia more than a year ago. A reason is partly in the fact that IRD was founded by a Zenica-born Jasna Basaric Keys and her husband Arthur Keys, more than ten years ago. IRD’s budget in 2009 will be in excess of 700 million US Dollars.

IRD, a charitable, non-profit, non-governmental organization, focuses its operations in regions of the world that present social, political and technical challenges.

IRD works in collaboration with a wide range of organizations in the design and implementation of humanitarian relief and development aid programs, including U.S. government agencies, bilateral and international donor organizations, international finance organizations, faith-based organizations, advocacy groups, international and local NGOs, and U.S. corporations.

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