Wednesday, November 5, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (November 5,2008) - Brigadier General Carlos Díaz del Río took over yesterday his duties from the outgoing Deputy Commander of EU's peacekeeping mission in Bosnia (EUFOR) Brigadier General Roberto D’Alessandro, who departed after six months in Bosnia,EUFOR has announced.

Brigadier General Roberto D’Alessandro on his departure said: “I am honored to have served as the EUFOR Deputy Commander for the past six months. It has been an enriching experience both professionally and personally. The professionalism and the unique support and cooperation of the staff of EUFOR HQ have been crucial to me to reach the goals of my job. Finally, my appreciation for the close cooperation established between EUFOR and the Bosnian Army, which is another step for the complete stabilization of the county.”

Brigadier General Carlos Díaz del Río has previously worked in Land Operation Centre at the Spanish Army HQ, Madrid, attended Senior Course at NATO Defense College, Rome and assigned to the NATO Striking Fleet Atlantic Norfolk, Virginia embarked on board USS Mount Whitney as ACOS CJ9 (CIMIC).

More recently, he was appointed Chief of the Army National Planning Centre (CEPOEN). He is very much looking forward to serving in Bosnia and is keen to reinforce the message that EUFOR remains a force for good and is working together with the Bosnian Armed Forces.

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