Friday, November 21, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (October 21,2008) - - The Bosnian State Parliament's House of Representatives o Wednesday discussed the current security situation in Bosnia, requested by the Bosnian Ministry of Security.

The Bosnian Minister of Security Tarik Sadovic stated yesterday that the information sent to the parliament is a cross section and review of all events related to security issues and that it showed realistically the security situation in Bosnia.

He reminded that this information is comprised of individual agencies which deliver it to the ministry of security, starting from SIPA, Border Poice, OSA, Immigration Service, entity and cantonal police directions.

Minister Sadovic stated that the police system in Bosnia is divided and poorly connected and that it has a lot of problems in the fight against organized crime exactly due to these facts.

He added that the similar case is with corruption. Fight against corruption is a fight which takes place through various police agencies, different prosecutions and according to the strategy for the fight against organized crime, there are 26 different institutions in this country which deal with corruption.

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