Wednesday, October 29, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (October 29,2008) - Representatives of Bosnia, UNDP, UNESCO and UNICEF signed yesterday a joint program document on understanding related to the strengthening of inter-cultural understanding in Bosnia.

The project has a budget of 8 million US Dollars, secured by Spain and it will secure improvement of legislative in the culture segment.

The support to Bosnia will be in segments of culture,industry, tourism, education, and tolerance, protection of cultural heritage and usage of cultural development potentials.

The document was signed by the Bosnian Minister of Civil Affairs Sredoje Novic, UNDP resident representative Christine McNab, UNESCO director, Engelbert Rouss, UNICEF resident representative June Kunigi and deputy representative of UNDP in Bosnia, Armin Sirco.

UNDP resident representative Christine McNab stated that culture in Bosnia was often used as a means of separation and division between Bosnian citizens and expressed hope that this document will contribute in getting the communities in Bosnia closer to one another.

This document is realized with the help from three UN agencies in close cooperation with the Bosnian Ministry of Civil Affairs, entity ministries of culture and education and other institutions dealing with this segment.

The program shall last three years and it is funded by Spain within realization of the Millennium Goals in culture and development.

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