Wednesday, October 8, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (October 8,2008) - The exceptional session of the Crans Montana Forum (CFM) is taking place from October 7 to 10, 2008 in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo.Bosnia has become a major point of gravitation in the southeastern Europe. Its exemplary political stability allows great prospects for economic development. The foreign investment climate is excellent and many international operators are already active in the country.

The aim of the Crans Montana Forum in Sarajevo is to present key opportunities in terms of joint ventures and foreign direct investment. Major strategic issues will be addressed: Transport Networks, Energy Production & Distribution, Network Integration, Telecommunications and ICT, Tourism, Industrial and Economic Infrastructures, Project Funding (including PPPs). In addition, a “Trade Capacity Building Programme” will be proposed at a regional level.

This is the most important diplomatic-economic event this year for Bosnia and the region. At this most renown, most authoritative and biggest political-economic investment forum, the key political leaders, decision markers, invertors, bankers and entrepreneurs will be given a chance to get an insight into all the potentials of Bosnia. This is a first time that Bosnia is hosting this prestigious event.

The three proposed topics to be discussed at the Forum are: regional corridors (road-railway-energy-gas-corridors etc.); harmonization of political environment in the region in order to enter the demanding EU market; tourism-the joint development opportunity for the region.

"Countries on the road to accession to EU must cooperate closely and promote economic cooperation in order to satisfy EU parameters," stated today at the press conference in Sarajevo founder and chairman of the Crans Montana Forum, Jean Paul Certenon."

The gathering is expected to be attended by presidents of prime ministers of the countries in the region, as well as representatives of the European Commission, of the key financial institutions, investment funds and banks of the EU, of the countries in the region and of countries in the Gulf, of big corporations and of investors interested in investments in Bosnia and the region.

“We are looking forward to this great event, and we consider it one of the most successfull ones held in the course of this year. We are very much encouraged by what we have seen in Sarajevo and in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in particular by the demonstrated high level of interest for the future development of Bosnia and the region as well, to which testifies over 400 registered participants. We are looking forward to creation of preconditions for the new investment cycle in a very dynamic region" stressed the team leader in charge of Strategy, of the Crans Montana Forum from Switzerland and the Duchess of Monaco, Thibaut Maclet.

The Bosnian government recognized the importance of the gathering and provided financial support for its organizing and also authorized the FIPA to sign the agreement on its organizing and coordinate organizational activities.

The Crans Montana Forum is an International Organization created in 1986 whose importance and prestige are well-established.

CMF works for the promotion of international cooperation and contributes to global growth while ensuring a high level of stability, equity and security. The aim is also to foster the best practices and ensure a global dialogue.

The first Crans Montana Forum was dedicated to the political and economic reconstruction of the post Cold War Europe. Since then, the Forum has continued to contribute and create meeting opportunities for its participants.

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