Tuesday, September 2, 2008


THE HAGUE, The Netherlands (September 2,2008) - The International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) has set free today ex Yugoslav Navy commander,the convicted Serbian war criminal Miodrag Jokic after he served two thirds of his term in prison for shelling of the Croatian sea resort of Dubrovnik in 1991,during the 1991-1995 Serbian aggression against Croatia.

Serbian war criminal Miodrag Jokic was sentenced in 2004 and sent to Denmark to serve his seven year term.

Explaining the decision to free Serbian fascist, judge Fausto Pocar, said that Danish authorities had reported on Serbian war criminal’s "good behaviour".

“Jokic was a peaceful and silent inmate, a very decent worker at the prison’s textile workshop and was a fatherly figure to other inmates,” Pocar deliberated.

Serbian war criminal Miodrag Jokic voluntarily surrendered to The Hague tribunal in 2001 and originally entered a non-guilty plea.

He then changed his mind and pleaded guilty in 2003 to all six points of the indictment charging him with the attack on Dubrovnik in December 1991 in which two Croatian civilians were killed.

Serbian fascist allegedly "showed remorse" for the crime and later cooperated with the ICTY.

He testified against his superior at the time,Serbian war criminal,General Pavle Strugar, sentenced to seven and a half years for the same crime.

Serbian war criminal Miodrag Jokic is to be freed form the Danish prison as soon as the procedure of his release is completed.

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