Thursday, September 11, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (September 11,2008) - The founder and chairman of the Crans Montana Forum (CMF) – Jean-Paul Carteron – said in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo yesterday that Bosnia has made spectacular progress in the previous period, especially in the area of foreign direct investments. He believes that FDI are the true barometer of progress by a transitional country.

Carteron held a presentation for foreign ambassadors and international representatives in Bosnia, of goals and expectations of this year’s CMF, which will be taking place in Sarajevo from October 7 and 10.

As he said, the goal of this year’s multi-dimensional meeting will be to get behind one table the most influential representatives of governments and business communities in the world and local politicians and entrepreneurs.

The Crans Montana Forum is an International Organization created in 1986 whose importance and prestige are well-established.

CMF works for the promotion of international cooperation and contributes to global growth while ensuring a high level of stability, equity and security. The aim is also to foster the best practices and ensure a global dialogue.

The first Crans Montana Forum was dedicated to the political and economic reconstruction of the post Cold War Europe. Since this first event, the Forum has continued to contribute and create meeting opportunities for its participants.

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