Thursday, August 28, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (August 29,2008) - The Bosnian President Haris Silajdžić met yesterday with the Russian Ambassador to Bosnia Constantin Suvalov.Ambassador Suvalov presented the attitude of his country in relation to Russia’s move to accept the independence of Abkhazia South Ossetia and delivered the statement of the Russian President Medvedev and Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov regarding this issue. As agreed, these statements were forwarded to the members of the Bosnian State Presidency.

President Silajdžić said he hoped that war in Georgia would not continue and he emphasised that the Bosnian citizens are very sensitive when it comes to protection of civilians, because during the 1992-1995 Serbian,Montenegrin and Croatian aggressions against Bosnia,civilians were the main targets, which resulted with genocide against the Bosnian people.

Ambassador Suvalov also confirmed the prior statement from this cabinet that the Bosnian State Presidency has never approved of any sale of weapons to Georgia.

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