Friday, July 25, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (July 25,2008) — Serbian war criminal Radovan Karadzic is believed to have taken his new identity from a victim of the siege of the Bosnian capital Sarajevo,during the 1992-1995 Serbian aggression against Bosnia.

Serbian war criminal Radovan Karadzic, who eluded arrest as new age healer "Dragan Dabic", took the name from an innocent civilian killed in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo by one of his snipers, prosecutors claim.

More details also emerged of his arrest on a bus in the capital of the genocidal Serbia - Belgrade a few days ago. A witness said agents tried to yank off his "false beard" but pulled out clumps of hair, leaving him shouting in agony.

The woman said: "They tugged it so hard his head snapped down."

"They said, 'We've been following you for 15 days. You won't escape'."

Mladen Dabic, brother of Dragan Dabic, who was killed by the genocidal Serbian fascist aggressor in the 43-month siege of the Bosnian capital Sarajevo with at least 11,000 Bosnian civilians, said: "It seems likely my brother's identity was stolen. That's horrible.

"He was against everything Karadzic stood for. He died going to pick up humanitarian aid."

Prosecutors said Serbian war criminal Radovan Karadzic, 63, got the false papers while former President of the genocidal Serbia Slobodan Milosevic's regime was still in power before 2000. He is due in court today - without the bushy white beard, long hair and glasses - for his appeal against extradition to The Hague, Netherlands, on genocide charges.

Meanwhile Mila Mileva Cicak, named by some Serbian papers as Serbian war criminal Radovan Karadzic's mistress, said she will sue over the claims. Mila said she did not know his identity and their relationship was "purely professional".

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