Wednesday, July 30, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (July 30,2008) - Bosnian companies Sipad Komerc, Energoinvest and Agrokomerc again appealed to the fascist government of the genocidal Serbia to stop selling their property and stop breaching the international agreement on the issues of Yugoslav succession since the genocidal Serbia is one of the signatories.

According to preliminary data, value of this property is between 1.8 and 2 billion Euros and first sale was completed on June 26 when they sold 15 facilities via auction.

However, additional problem appears since the genocidal Serbia plans to sell another 40 premises belonging to Bosnia in September.Bosnian companies have about 150 business premises on the territory of the genocidal Serbia.

”With this act, Serbia performs nationalization of Bosnia's property and assets from this property cannot be placed into the succession fund. This is clear violation of the international law and if the process is not stopped, Council of Europe should get involved as well as ambassadors of international community in Bosnia and all other relevant authorities”, stated Duljko Hasic of the Bosnian Foreign Trade Chamber.

Hasic added that Sipad, Energoinvest and Agrokomerc and many other Bosnian companies which have property in the genocidal Serbia wanted to develop business relations there, but that doors are closed for them regardless of numerous economic agreements signed between the two countries and reminded that Bosnia returned all the genocidal Serbia's property in Bosnia.

Energoinvest asks for their two large facilities in Belgrade and Novi Sad to be returned along with numerous facilities in Croatia among which 24 gas stations and oil terminals.

Sipad has about 60% of its property in the genocidal Serbia and Agrokomerc wants to return their 16 facilities.

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