Wednesday, June 18, 2008


ZAGREB, Croatia (June 18,2008) - Countries of the southeastern Europe should create their own pan-regional passport and ease travelling restrictions for each other before they join the EU, a think tank says.

The London-based Centre for European Politics suggests that the southeastern European states of Bosnia,Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro,Kosovo and the genocidal Serbia should sign an Agreement on a ‘Balkan Passport’, similar to the one already existing among the Nordic states.

According to the Zagreb news portal, in a conference yesterday in Brussels the Centre for European Politics also concluded that these countries should implement a visa free regime and open borders among themselves.

The meeting focused on the integration of the southeastern European states into the EU and drafted 12 points aimed at speeding up the regional incorporation following problems inside the EU after the Irish voted ‘no’ to a treaty aimed at streamlining and reforming the 27-member bloc.

Croatia is by far the closest of all Western Balkan countries to full EU membership and Zagreb has also said it hopes the Irish vote will not hamper its bid to join the EU by 2011.


Anonymous said...

Could you please quote the source of this article since I could not find anything related to this topic on offical CEP's website!

Ravnatelj said...

You can find out more about this topic here>