Friday, June 27, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (June 27,2008) - Macedonian peacekeepers participating in the EU-led ALTHEA mission in Bosnia were ordered to remove the state insignia "MKD" from their uniforms, Macedonian daily Dnevnik said.

This is yet another humiliation against Macedonian soldiers serving in missions abroad, after the recent scandal during the NATO-led exercise in France, where Macedonian troops had been ordered to take off their uniforms with their country's name.

Citing unnamed diplomats, Dnevnik daily says Macedonia issued a harsh statement after the scandal, threatening to pull out its soldiers. The order was allegedly issued by EU Secretariat.

Once the EU officials in Brussels saw that Skopje was about to withdraw Macedonian peacekeepers from Bosnia, those responsible tried to clarify the situation by saying it was a mistake.

Unlike the case with Macedonian uniforms in France which ended up with an apology from NATO Secretary General Jaap De Hoop Scheffer and inner probe within the Alliance, the latest humiliation against Macedonian soldiers will probably be hushed up, Macedonian daily Dnevnik said.


Anonymous said...

Humiliation of "makedonian" Soldiers??? These ppl humiliate themselves by spreading lies when they call themselves "Makedons" and when they stole brutally the Greek history. Everybody knows the name dispute between Greece and the Former Yugoslav republic of "Makedonia". Even prime Minister Nikola Spiric said yesterday after his meeting with Greek Prime Minister that there MUST be a solution Finally. So, which humiliation we r talking about?

Ravnatelj said...

That's the name of their country...imagine somebody banning you from using the name of your country...wouldn't that be humiliating to you????

As you probably know,the first recorded state on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia was the Thraco-Illyrian kingdom of Paionia, which covered the Axius River valley and the surrounding areas.

Philip II of Macedon took over the southernmost regions of Paeonia in 336 BC and founded the city of Heraclea Lyncestis, near what is now Bitola.

Philip's son Alexander the Great conquered the remainder of Paeonia, which then became part of his empire. Subsequently the territory was conquered by Rome and became part of two Roman provinces. The greater part was within Macedonia Salutaris, but the northern border regions, inhabited by the Dardani, became a part of Moesia Superior.

So,for sure,there is a historical background for the territory of this country to be called Macedonia,and I really don't understand why would Greeks oppose it??

Anonymous said...

Well, as u should know, the region of Makedonia is composed as follows: Greek Makedonia covers 52.4% of the total area and contains 52.9% of the total population of geographical Makedonia. I cannot get how the 37% of the total area of geographical Makedonia has the right to call itself as "Makedonia". And i dont understand what is wrong with some more realistic solution like "Upper" or "North Makedonia". Furthermore, ppl living at FYROM are Slavs. Speaking Slavic dialect, have Slavic names etc. ALexander the Great and all ancient Makedons were speaking Greek, had greek names, Greek Alphabet etc etc not Cyrillic ones. In my point of view these ppl at FYROM are Slavs living in a small part of geographical Makedonia, should better call themselves Slavic Makedons. I am Makedon too, as 2,5 million of Greeks...