Monday, June 9, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (June 9,2008) - Associations that represent Bosnian policemen who were denied certification by the International Police Task Force Mission (IPTF) have announced new demonstrations outside the Office of the Internationa Community's High Representative in Bosnia (OHR) tomorrow.Without questioning the right to peaceful demonstrations OHR highlights that the UN Security Council on 30 April 2007 set the terms for lifting the lifetime ban on work in the Bosnian law enforcement institutions and equalised the rights of these Bosnian citizens with everybody else in Bosnia.

The United Nations is the only organisation that can review issues arising from decisions made by IPTF. In 2004 the OHR embarked on an intensive lobbing effort to persuade the UN and permanent members of the Security Council to address the issue of persons denied certification by IPTF.

When the UN Security Council in its letter of 30 April 2007 specified the legal conditions for lifting the lifetime ban on those denied certification by the IPTF to work in the Bosnian law enforcement agencies individuals who has been denied certification were given the same rights as others in Bosnia.

In their letter the UN Security Council requires the Bosnian State, Entity, Canton and Brcko District authorities to adopt legislative changes to their Laws on Police Officials. These institutions are responsible for ensuring those conditions are met.

Ultimately, this is a matter between Bosnia and the UN Security Council and Bosnia will need to fulfill its obligations.

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