Friday, May 16, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (May 16,2008) – The International Poetry Festival “Sarajevo Poetry Days” ended on Wednesday night by presenting the “Bosanski Stećak” award to Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish. The festival was held for 47th time from May 7 to 14.

The “Bosanski Stećak” award is presented to a prominent Bosnian or foreign poet recognized by his esthetical and ethical principles in literature.

Those are the prophets of poetical and public word, who are characterized by virtues of a profound writer, thinker, and humanist in the time he lives in.

The award was presented to Darwish by President of the Bosnian Association of Writers Gradimir Gojer.

Darwish stated that the award is a sign of a special love and friendship and that he is truly greatful and happy about it.

”I only signed the verses of my people”, Darwish emphasized and added that the recognition came at the 60th anniversary of the Palestinian tragedy.

Professor Esad Durakovic, who translated the poems stated that he holds Darwish the greatest living Arab writer.

The Sarajevo Poetry Days is an international festival which was first held in 1962.

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