Wednesday, May 28, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (May 28,2008) - The Bosnian State Protection and Investigation Agency (SIPA) arrested yesterday four Serbian war criminals suspected of war crimes during the 1992-1995 Serbian aggression against Bosnia, the Office of the Bosnian State Prosecutor confirmed in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo.

Serbian war crminals Damir Ivankovic, 38, Dusan Jankovic, 58, Zeljko Stojnic, 38 and Zoran Babic, 40 were arrested in the north- western Bosnian town of Prijedor on the orders of the Bosnian State Prosecutor.

The four Serbian war criminals are suspected of involvement in the war crimes against Bosnian civilians - in 1992 at Koricanske Stijene in central Bosnia.

The genocidal Serbian fascist aggressor mass murdered more than 250 Bosnian civilians at Koricanske Stijene in August 1992.

Bosnian civilians, transported in two buses from the concentration camps in north-western Bosnia were ordered by the genocidal Serbian fascist aggressor to leave the buses when they arrived at Koricanske Stijene with a sheer rock face on one side of the road and a steep cliff on the other.

When they left the buses more than 250 Bosnian civilians were ordered to kneel at the edge of the cliff after which the genocidal Serbian fascist aggressor murdered them.

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