Saturday, April 12, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (April 12,2008) - Damir Masic, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Spokesperson said that the laws approved on Thursday by the Bosnian State Parliament's House of Representatives are no police reform and that they will not contribute the realization of goals in the country in any way.

”It is obvious that an internal agreement had been reached between SBiH, SNSD and HDZ parties in relation to the adoption of the police reform laws and that the events in the past few weeks were only a trick for the people.The laws adopted are bad and will cause further ‘cementing’ of the reforms and the parties’ positions. SNSD has already made clear for several times that police reform is over for them with adoption of those laws,” he said.

”On the other hand, those who had promised a 100 per cent Bosnian Police, agreed to the RS Police 100 per cent, as well as for non-fulfilment of the EU principles”, Masic emphasized.

”At the same time, when the false laws were adopted on Thursday, the majority of delegates approved the increase of their already high wages”, Masic said.

”Also, SDP party’s proposal on seizure of illegally obtained property was denied, which says a lot about the real intentions of the current majority”, SDP party spokesperson Damir Masic stated.

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