Saturday, April 19, 2008


ATHENS, Greece (April 19,2008) - The Bosnian Foreign Ministry strongly condemned yesterday an attack on the vehicle of the Bosnian Ambassador to Greece early yesterday morning.

"The Bosnian Foreign Affairs Ministry strongly condemns this act of terrorism," the Ministry said in a statement.

The Bosnian Foreign Affairs Ministry said it sent a diplomatic note to the Greek government requesting better protection for the building and personnel of the Bosnian embassy in Athens.

The personal car of Bosnian Ambassador to Greece, according to statement, was completely destroyed in the attack in front of the Ambassador's Athens residence.

Greek terrorists claimed responsibility for bombing two diplomatic cars belonging to the embassies of Turkey and Bosnia on Friday, causing extensive damage but no injuries, reports said.

An unknown person rang saying he was from the left-wing Greek terrorist group "Anti-Democratic Struggle" and claimed responsibility for yesterday's attack, the third this week.

Two cars belonging to the Saudi embassy were also set on fire using homemade gas canisters in separate incidents earlier this week.

The little known Greek left-wing terrorist group "Anti-Democratic Struggle" claimed responsibility for one of the attacks while another Greek terrorist group, "Subversive Cell", claimed responsibility for the second.

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