Monday, April 7, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (April 7, 2008) – A book about the family tree of the Bosnian Royal Kotromanic Dynasty by Dr Enver Imamovic was promoted in the Bosnian Army Dome in Sarajevo.

"This book is the personal ID of Bosnia and this family tree is a unique work of art.There is small number of countries in Europe which have something like this.”, stated the author Dr Enver Imamovic.

"In one place we have a picturesque and textual display of Bosnian history dating back to 700 years ago in a likable and understandable manner even for children as well as intellectuals and academics. The importance of this family tree is among other that the history of Medieval Bosnia goes back almost 1200 years. Until now, common opinion was that it dated back to 13th century, however documents I have had the chance to examine present the first reference to a Bosnian ruler in a year 986 (10th century)”, stated Dr Imamovic.

He added that there are a lot of documents which speak about the history of the Bosnian state. Bosnia had its dynasty, and that is Kotromanic family and dynasty,and the state itself : the court, state services, diplomacy, flag, money, alphabet,etc., added Dr Imamovic.

Academic Muhamed Filipovic underlined that Bosnia is as old as any other state in the southeastern Europe. This was never an issue but it was not in the interest of different aggressors who wanted to claim Bosnia for themselves, added Filipovic.

Prof. Dr. Mirko Pejanovic stated that the dynasty tree of the Bosnian Royal Kotromanic Dinasty is precious for the defence of the historical truth of the Bosnian statehood and for the continuity of the Bosnian Kingdom during the Middle Ages.

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