Saturday, April 26, 2008


SREBRENICA/BRATUNAC, Bosnia (April 26,2008) – The Deputy Commander of the European Union Force in Bosnia (EUFOR), Brigadier General Carmelo De Cicco visited Bratunac and Srebrenica. He visited the Liaison and Observation Team (LOT) House in Bratunac to meet the Austrian EUFOR team who help the local authorities to maintain a safe and secure environment.

To conclude the visit, Brigadier General De CICCO visited the Genocide Memorial Centre in Srebrenica to pay his respects to the genocide victims buried there, on behalf of the entire Italian contingent in EUFOR and of himself. He laid flowers and conveyed his personal thoughts in a message in the visitors’ book of impressions, EUFOR said.

“I am very moved today. I recognise the terrible loss for the families of the victims, and I am convinced that this memorial will continue to serve as a great reminder to all of us to prevent such atrocities ever to occur again,” the Deputy EUFOR Commander said.

In July 1995 the genocidal Serbian aggressor mass murdered up to 10,000 Bosnian civilians from Srebrenica.The Srebrenica massacre has been deemed by the UN war crimes tribunal and the International Court of Justice to have constituted genocide. Thousands of bodies of the genocide victims have been uncovered from about 60 mass graves around Srebrenica.

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