Wednesday, April 23, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (April 23,2008) - The Canadian parliamentary Speaker Peter Milliken had a meeting yesterday in Sarajevo with the Bosnian parliamentary officials.The Bosnian State Parliament's House of Representatives Speaker Milorad Zivkovic told the press after the meeting that this is an extremely significant visit and that he is of the opinion that it will result in a newer, better cooperation between the two countries’ parliaments.

”Keeping in mind that the two-houses parliamentary system exists in Canada as well, we have exchanged experience because the Canadian Parliament has developed far better than the Bosnian Parliament. We have a lot to learn about the parliamentary democracy from Canada”, Zivkovic said.

According to him, a new issue has been initiated – the issue if restrictive visa regime towards the Bosnian citizens.

”We have found out that Canada has a special visa regime, not only towards the Bosnian citizens, but also towards all other countries in the world. However, it is encouraging that we will soon sign SAA and that will probably mean visa regime facilitation with the EU and with Canada as well”, Zivkovic said.

Programs of assistance Bosnia has received from Canada were also considered. It has been concluded that Canada can be of significant help to Bosnia.

Zivkovic emphasized that Canada is a global leader in the sector and that it has and will continue helping BiH.

”We talked about where Bosnia is on the road to the EU. We also talked about the problems this country has faced with and about the problems that await. We agreed that the direction has been made precise and that the only issue is the issue of speed which is very important”, Zivkovic said.

The Canadian Parliamentary Speaker Peter Milliken expressed pleasure with yesterday’s meeting during which he was informed about Bosnia’s progress and functioning of the Bosnian legislative organs.

He reminded that Canada has been in many ways included into the process of cooperation with Bosnia, starting with the arrival of their troops to Bosnia in peace missions. He added that Canada will continue helping Bosnia’s development, whether it is the sector of small or medium enterprises, or on a global scale.

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