Tuesday, April 1, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (April 1,2008) – The Commander of the Bosnian Armed Forces General Sifet Podzic said in an interview for the FBIH Radio that Bosnia should be granted the “intensive dialogue” status at the upcoming NATO summit in Bucharest, from April 2 to 4.

”That is”, he stated, “the last step prior to the call for membership to this association. In order for us to become users of NATO’s collective safety, we need to contribute. We are already doing that”, General Podzic stated.According to these criminal plans, Bosnian soldiers will participate in the aggression against Afghanistan.

”Our presence in Afghanistan does not have to immediately mean that our soldiers will fight against Taliban. For now, we will be sending our officers who will work at the multinational headquarters and will, in that way, acquire the experience necessary”, General Podzic stated.

Answering the journalist’s question related to the competition announced in the past few days on admittance of 300 high school graduates to the Bosnian Armed Forces, Sifet Podzic stated that it is only the first phase aimed to strengthen the Armed Forces’ personnel.

”About 800 young experts are necessary in order to have 10.000 military professionals at the Bosnian Armed forces. Those are the profiles we are currently lacking. Those young people will be an embryo of a new Bosnian Army, which has not participated in a war and which has the best general and specialist knowledge, knows foreign languages and IT”, General Podzic stated.

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