Wednesday, April 2, 2008


PARIS, France (April 2,2008) – During his visit to France, the Bosnian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sven Alkalaj met yesterday with the French Ambassador Alain Le Roy in charge for the Mediterranean Union project.

Initiative for the foundation of this union was given by the French president Sarkozy and at the European Council session held in March this year.

Alkalaj informed Le Roy about Bosnia's interests in becoming a member of Mediterranean Union and to actively participate in its projects.

He gave the position of the Bosnian Presidency on Bosnia's readiness to support mentioned initiative and take part in activities of the Barcelona Process of the Mediterranean Union.

Le Roy informed Alkalaj that Bosnia can expect the invitation to participate at the meeting of the top officials which is planned for May 13 2008 in Paris. At this meeting 43 countries in total shall participate, that is 27 countries of the EU and countries of the Mediterranean.

He informed Alkalaj about the process and the way the Union shall be organized, the leaders’ meeting and possibilities of Bosnia's participation in different projects.

Attention of this Union shall be focused on the preservation of the Mediterranean Sea, water management, usage of solar energy, maritime routes, agriculture and fishery, and climate change.

It is planned to give support to development of small and medium enterprises, development of cooperation in the domain of civil security, setting up the student’ exchange programs and cooperation within the scientific community.

The Bosnian Minister of foreign affairs Sven Alkalaj also gave the presentation on the topic “The Road of Bosnia towards the EU Integrations” at the French Institute for International relations (IFRI).

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