Wednesday, April 9, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (April 9,2008) – Thirteen senior Bosnian officials are being investigated for possible corruption linked to the restructuring of the country's power sector, prosecutors said yesterday.

Thirteen officials, including the premier and energy ministers of the FBIH entity - Nedzad Brankovic and Vahid Heco respectively - are suspected of the "abuse of office in making decisions pertaining exclusively to the power sector," Sarajevo cantonal prosecutors said in a statement.

Brankovic, Heco and 11 other officials are suspected of "violating the legal procedure to sign a contract with a strategic partner in a way to favor some bidders and grant them huge financial gains," it said without elaborating.

Bosnian media previously accused the FBIH entity government of picking Austrian consortium APET as a partner to build four hydro-electric power plants through an irregular tender procedure.

APET, which comprises several big companies including Alstom SA, Parr and Alpine Mayreder, was selected in 2006.

However, a formal contract has never been signed since the FBIH entity government plans for the power sector restructuring failed the win parliament's approval.

APET offered 800 million Euros for preparations, equipment and participation in the building of the four plants.The effort is only part of a wider plan for the Bosnian power sector restructuring.

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