Friday, March 7, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (March 7,2008) – Agency for Gender Equality in Bosnia, the Bosnian Ministry of Human Righst and Refugees and the Bosnian Ministry of Justice promoted yesterday in Sarajevo a publication “Are You Informed about Your Rights”, within Gender Equality week.

Publication has a purpose of promoting rights and principles of gender equality, strengthening of democratic standards in Bosnia, efficiency of implementing justice according to the needs of citizens and strengthening the society as a whole.

It is created on the principle of questions and answers and in the most simple way, it gives concrete explanations to the wider public presenting the guide through legal mechanisms of human rights protection and gender equality. Institutions responsible for different segments of human rights abuse and protection are listed in it.

Answers which it gives are based on according laws of Bosnia.

Publication was developed within the project of judicial reform and it was financed by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

The Canadian Ambassador to Bosnia David Hutchins stated at yesterday’s conference that his country is dedicated to gender equality and takes good care that this principle stands in all spheres of life.

He stated that women in the world have less and less rights, reflecting in poorer education smaller salaries than men, etc. That is why women’s position needs to improve and their rights respected.

The Bosnian Deputy Minister of Justice Niko Grubesic announced that this publication shall be printed in 137.000 copies and be published in all daily newspapers in Bosnia.

Head of the Canadian – Bosnian judicial reform project Ted Hill stated that this project should contribute in creating sustainable, efficient and impartial judicial system which will enable the protection of human rights and liberties.

Publication shall be published today, March 7 in all daily newspapers in Bosnia.

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