Saturday, March 29, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (March 29,2008) – On the occasion of marking 95 years of the establishment of the Muslim Charity “Merhamet” in bosnia, an official academy took place at the Bosnian National Theatre. The “Merhamet” certificates have been awarded to the Bosnian Army General Mehmed Alagic,the former International Community's High Representative in Bosnia Christian Schwarz-Schilling, the first US Ambassador to Bosnia Viktor Jakovich and to the people and governments of Turkey, Iran and Pakistan.

Mufid Memija’s movie “On the Path of Goodness and Mercy” opened the academy. The movie is about the Merhamet Charity activities.

Christian Schwarz –Schiling stated upon receiving the certificate that he considers himself a friend and an associate of the Merhamet charity. He congratulated the present members of the Merhamet and paid tribute to the ones who established the organization in 1913.

”Life is a struggle for peace. Peace will not come on its own, peace is something to fight for. Merhamet is a symbol of freedom and peace”, Schwartz-Schilling said.

Jakovic stated that he is honoured with the certificate.

”I believe that you have no reasons to thank the people in other countries. We need to be grateful to you, for you have fought for a multicultural society, mutual respect, equality… And you died for that. It is an honour to receive this award”, Jakovich said.

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