Thursday, March 27, 2008


MOSTAR, Bosnia (March 27,2008) – The City of Mostar and Bosnia most honor their commitments they have taken when the Old Bridge was enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage List, stated yesterday the UNESCO Secretary General Koichiro Matsuura.

He stated that the authenthic appearance of the Old Bridge and the Old Town must be preserved and that the reconstruction of the Ruza hotel is still an issue that is the fourth floor construction which is in vicinity of the Bridge.

"Bosnia has lots of candidates for the World Heritage List and that is why it is so important for Mostar to be a good example for other cities candidates”, stated Matsuura who was handed an honorary citizen of Mostar plaque.

The plaque was handed by the City Council Chair Murat Coric. He explained that Matsuury was awarded because of his great contribution in reconstruction of the Old Bridge and putting it on the UNESCO list.

With the plaque, Matsuura also received a painting of the Old Bridge, handed by Mostar mayor Ljubo Beslic.

The Bosnian President Haris Silajdzic stated that the Old Bridge in Mostar is not in danger since the construction of the hotel “Ruza” was aborted and it will be continued only after the UNESCO experts confirm that architectural construction of the hotel is in accordance with historical core of the Old Town in Mostar.

"Reconstruction of the Ruza holtel in Mostar is a large investment, important for the development of this city and which was aborted two years ago because we are trying to find a solution which will harmonize the heritage and development” stated President Silajdzic.

President Silajdzic repeated the request for Mostar to be helped by UNESCO until the solution is found and asked for experts of this organization give their opinion on the new solution before the 32nd session of the Committee.

President Silajdzic also invited the UNESCO Secretary General to tell the truth about the Old Bridge in Mostar, that it is not in danger and ensure additional help for the Bosnian heritage.

He reminded that the reconstruction of the bridge was possible only with the help from rest of the world, especially UNESCO as a key organization for preservation of cultural values.

Matsuura stated that he is encouraged with Silajdzic’s statement that the Old Town in Mostar shall be preserved and underlined that this universal value must be protected.

The Old Bridge in Mostar was enlisted in the World Heritage List of UNESCO in July 2005.

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