Wednesday, March 26, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (March 26,2008) – The FBIH Entity Ministry of Education and Science sharply condemns any form of segregation in schools in Bosnia and demands urgent interventions of all the authorities responsible, both cantonal and municipal, for the purpose of ensuring equal schooling conditions for all the children.

In a reaction to the recent events in Capljina, in which 170 pupils from the “Capljina” Primary School of Bosniak and Serb nationalities, attending lessons in Bosnian, were forced to leave the building and move to the Capljina Students Home, the FBIH Entity Ministry of Education and Science announces a clear attitude that children in Bosnia need to be raised and educated together, in integrated multicultural schools.

The Ministry announced at the very beginning of those misunderstandings that the Federal Minister Meliha Alic and the FBIH Entity Ministry of Education and Science representatives held a meeting with representatives of Herzegovina – Neretva canton Ministry of Education, as well as with the management of the Capljina primary school.

The meeting was aimed to find adequate solutions to the issues of schooling the Capljina primary school children.

”Then, as well as now, the attitude of our Ministry was clear and decisive – all the children need to be provided with the same schooling conditions. The FBIH Entity Ministry of Education is willing provide financial support to expand the existing capacities and make sure all other schools created the same conditions”, the FBIH entity government announced.

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