Tuesday, March 4, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (March 4,2008) - Last night in a special Bosnian Eurosong 2008 TV show programme the public heared Elvir Lakovic Laka's song "Pokusaj" (Try) for the first time. Laka will represent Bosnia at the 53rd Eurovision Song Contest on 20th May 2008 in the first semi final.After he spent seven days in the Croatian capital Zagreb, recording the final version of the song "Pokusaj" in the studio owned by one of the most popular and most productive rock producers, Denis Mujadzic - Denyken, on 16th February Laka had a mini-concert in Profil Megastore in Zagreb, within the promotion of his first album Zec, published by Menart productions in Croatia.

Having received excellent reactions and comments from both the audience and the critiques, Laka came back to Sarajevo where he performed his song last night at 21:00 CET live from BHRT Studio A.

Laka's original stage performance was in the hands of Ales Kurt - one of the most famous theatre producers in Bosnia, while BHT1 producer Slavisa Masic was be responsible for the live coverage of the show.

The show has seen one of the greatest stars of the Bosnian folk music, Halid Beslic, as well as brothers Dino and Adnan Saran, leaders of the most successful Bosnian rock bands Letu stuke and Skroz.

The Eurovision evening in Sarajevo also hosted this year's representatives of Croatia,Macedonia and Slovenia. The special surprise in the show was the performance by the music-stage attraction "Showhat feat. Stepup Dancers" from Finland, led by the fantastic Osku Heiskasen and Jarkko Valteen. "Showhat" , in their special way" reminded us of some of the greatest Eurovision hits.

At the end of the show, there was a press conference in the premises of BHRT, followed by the afterparty.

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VicKyBol said...

I love this song! and I think that he deserved to win!