Wednesday, March 12, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (March 12,2008) – The Bosnian Association of Concentration Camp Survivors has filed around 12.000 individual lawsuits so far for unlawful imprisonment and torture during the 1992-1995 Serbian,Montenegrin and Croatian aggressions against Bosnia.In the next two years it is expected that the number of these lawsuits will reach 100.000.

”Currently, we have around 53.000 members out of which 12.000 filed law suits, mostly against (the genocidal Serbian creature in Bosnia) RS”, stated yesterday the Deputy President of the Association, Sacir Srebrenica.

He pointed out that those concentration camp survivors that now live in Diaspora, mainly Australia, USA, Canada, Western Europe are joining the Association and that they can expect around 50.000 new members.

In February 2007 the Association adopted the project of reparation and remuneration based on which a decision was brought to sue both entities. Law suits project was since the September last year partially financed by the FBiH Government. Law suits were filed also against Croatia and Serbia and negotiations are undergoing with Montenegro.

Under "international standards", the concentration camp survivors from Bosnia will be paid 70 Bosnian Marks (55 US Dollars) for a day spent in a concentration camp,the Bosnian Association of Concentration Camp Survivors stated.

“The FBiH entity government approved around 42.000 Bosnian Marks in order to help the concentration camp survivors of lower social status and we gave a subsidy for every law suit in the amount of 15 Bosnian marks and concluded a contract with medical examiner which shall complete the case of every detainee when their case comes out at the court”, stated Srebrenica.

He also added that according to the project applied with FBiH entity government. The Association received 100.000 Bosnian Marks for medical examining.

The Bosnian Association of Concentration Camp Survivors has the lists of all filed lawsuits and the cases are handed to the lawyer teams.

First lawyer who accepted to represent the concentration camp survivors from Bosnia was Josip Sladic from Sisak,Croatia. Now there are already several lawyer teams representing the concentration camp survivors in Mostar, Zenica, Tuzla and Teslic.

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