Tuesday, March 18, 2008


MOSTAR, Bosnia (March 18,2008) – As a part of the Small Arms Control Project in Bosnia (SACBiH), in organization of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), , a seminar is being held in the southern Bosnian city of Mostar (from March 17 to 20), aimed to support the SAC Coordination Board and the Bosnian Ministry of Security in the process of development of a law on weapons and ammunition.

The Coordination Board will conduct an analysis at the seminar, as well as a revision of the state strategy in accordance to the information on progress and results of the weapons control activities, as well as destruction of the weapons and ammunition.

Also, the Board will finalize the UN Annual Report in accordance to the Resolution against the Illegal Weapons Trade.

Bosnia is currently in the process of harmonization of the Law on Weapons and Ammunition in accordance to the EU Directives on Purchase of Ownership of Weapons. UNDP is actively involved in the process, as a member of the workgroup for development of bill on weapons and ammunition and as a part of the Weapons Control Program in Bosnia.

UNDP is also a part of the workgroup in charge of development of bill on transport of dangerous materials, which should also be in accordance to the UN and EU agreements on transport of dangerous materials.

It has been planned that both the bills are submitted to the Bosnian Council of Ministers and the Bosnian Parliament by mid-November 2008. UNDP said it will continue supporting the attempts of passing the comprehensive laws which will enable a better action against all the threats and risks the illegal weapons bring about.

The Coordination Board has been nominated by the Bosnian Council of Ministers in October 2005 and in 2006 the Council of Ministers adopted the Bosnian State Strategy for Control of Weapons and Ammunition.

UNDP survey results have shown that 270 incidents caused by the use of weapons were registered in the period from January – December 2007.

Those incidents resulted in 69 fatalities and 52 major or minor injuries.

Goal of all the UNDP activities in the Program of Weapons and Ammunition Control in Bosnia is improvement of the security situation in the country though introduction of the new, unified laws which regulate the ownership, purchase and carrying of weapons, as well as activities in the process of purchase and destruction of weapons and ammunition, UNDP announced.

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Gary D said...

This law is a dream come true for Dictators . The UN law basically eliminates all small arms in any country that signs on to it. Thats why the United States told them not no but Hell no.If a State eliminates all small arms how can the people fight back from an invasion? They would have to totally rely on their countries army for protection . Do you want to do that again ? No one has ever invaded the US or no Dictator has ever be established.The reason is 150 Million Gun Owners,About half the population . Imagine half the population in Sarajevo during the war with Hunting rifles. Would your enemy been as successful with 200,000 guns pointed at them ? It is a sacred right to defend yourself and family . The UN is giving a smokescreen in the name of safety . Don't be fooled, stand up for your right for self defence and your right to hunt.Contact your government officials and let them know how you feel.