Saturday, March 8, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (March 8,2008) - The Bosnian Ministry of Civil Affairs is taking all necessary activities in order to start issuing biometric passports by November 1 as it was planned by the process for new passports issuing, stated the Bosnian Deputy Minister of Civil Affairs Senad Sepic.

"We are slowed down in this process by unplanned commitment of adjusting different adopted laws on travel documents in both houses of Parliament but we shall do everything to start issuing passports on time”, stated Sepic.

He added that these changes mean gradual introduction of biometric passports for all Bosnian citizens.Ther Bosnian citizens would have to change current passports with new biometric ones after the old ones expire. This is relieving factor for citizens since they do not have to spend additional money in case they already have a passport.

Existing passports shall be valid until their expiry but for those who wish to travel to countries for which visa is needed, they will have to own biometric passport. This is obligation taken over by the liberalization of visa regime.

The Bosnian Deputy Minister of Civil Affairs mentioned that before issuing of passports a rulebook needs to be adjusted on the design of passport and the company which will print them and prepare CIPS Direction for its issuing.

Price of biometric passport is not confirmed yet since it depends on where it will be printed, stated Sepic.

"There are a lot of important aspects for complete visa regime liberalization and in Ministry of Civil Affairs we are doing everything in our power for our citizens to travel easier as possible," Minister Sepic stated.

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