Saturday, March 22, 2008


BANJA LUKA, Bosnia (March 22,2008) – The Catholic Bishop of Banja Luka Franjo Komarica stated that hundreds of thousands of Bosnian citizens are still living outside of the country and that the Bosnian state has not taken any activities that would by far suffice the needs of that population.

”In that sense, one cannot even ask the question whose interests the country’s authorities are protecting”, Boshop of Banja Luka warned and added that it does not suffice the basic rights to human dignity.

Bishop Komarica stated that the Bosnian citizens, especially the ones who perform some public duties, are called to constructively contribute the wellbeing of all Bosnian citizens for the purpose of obtaining a more prosper and a happier future.

”Do work more decisively on the wellbeing of all the people”, Bishop of Banja Luka told the authority representatives and added that everybody needs to respect the basic human rights, rights to their own identity, birthplace, religious community…

”We cannot live in silence looking at those rights being breeched. There are some people among us who perform important political and state functions and do not care about those rights. They humiliate human beings and their dignity and legitimate right to those same rights”, Bishop of Banja Luka stated.

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