Tuesday, February 12, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (February 12,2008) - Yesterday’s session of the Bosnian Parliament's House of Representatives of for the election of the Bosnian Council of Ministers was postponed due to lack of quorum, since less than 50 % members of the commission was present.

As it was stated to the press, Commission Chair Halid Genjac said that the consults with Commission members should be done for setting the new term, but due to formerly scheduled session of House of Representatives and other obligations, Commission will start the session on Friday and continue it on Saturday at the deadline expiry.

Genjac explained that according the law on the Bosnian Council of Ministers, this Commission is obliged to, within 8 days period from receiving necessary documents from the Bosnian Central Election Commission and the Bosnian State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA), as well as signed statements of candidates, send a recommendation to the Bosnian Parliament.

The Commission received all necessary materials on Friday, February 8 and the job has to be finished within legal time limit until Saturday, February 16.

However, even though it was announced that yesterday a sufficient number of Commission members will gather, Genjac claims that some cancelled at the last minute due to illness and some due to other travel arrangements.

Ministers and their deputies were informed about yesterday’s session and the schedule was made for half an hour for each of them. The same schedule shall be transferred for the new session, stated Genjac.

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