Monday, February 4, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (February 4,2008) - The Bosnian President Željko Komšić met with Büllent Tulun, the Ambassador Turkey to Bosnia. During the meeting, they talked inter alia about the construction of a new Turkish Embassy building in Vilsonovo šetalište (Vilson’s promenade). Marin Ivanišević, the Chairman of the Sarajevo City Council also attended the meeting.

The Turkish Ambassador to Bosnia hopes that works concerning the construction of the Republic of Turkey Embassy would be completed as soon as possible trough the correction procedure of the valid regulatory plan.

According to him, Turkey considers the construction of that facility not only as one project in the series of projects in Bosnia, but as a special expression of their friendly stance towards Bosnia and its citizens.

Ambassador Tulun emphasized his conviction that besides the certain unclearness at the local level, it would all be completed trough the process of presenting the necessary documentation according to regulations in regard to the final completion of the Embassy building.

He mentioned that all work in relation to the lot that was placed at Bosnia’s disposal regarding the Bosnian Embassy building construction in Ankara was completed. He thanked for Sarajevo City Council Chairman Marin Ivanišević’s activities, who supported the prompt realization of all work in relation to the decision of the Sarajevo City Assembly‘s Collegium.

President Komšić reiterated that Bosnia and Turkey are very close and friendly countries; that many ties bind our peoples and said he would be personally engaged in making our two countries’ relations exemplary. He sent cordial greetings to the Turkish President Abdulah Güll and emphasized the need to intensify the contacts between the two countries.

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