Friday, February 8, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (February 8,2008) – The Bosnian State Presidency urged the Bosnian Council of Ministers to intensify all reform processes until the Bucharest Summit in order for Bosnia to realize a next level of integration towards NATO.

The Bosnian Presidency reached this conclusion on the session within the discussion on information about the summit in Bucharest,Romania, which will be held from April 2 to 4, and which was adopted by the Bosnian Presidency.

As it was stated in the Bosnian Presidency release, the Bosnian Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with the Bosnian Ministry of Defense is obliged to prepare the platform for Bosnia's participation at this NATO Summit.

At this session, another invitation for participation at the Islamic Conference Summit in Dakar from March 13 to 14 was accepted by the Bosnian Presidency.

The Bosnian Presidency also received an invitation for the meeting of the Managing Board of the Council for Peace Implementation in Brussels on February 27.

Also, visit of the Romanian President in March was accepted.

The Bosnian presidency members also reached a decision on proclaiming a moratorium on the use of cassette bombs and ammunition in Bosnia and decision on acceptance a number of agreements.

They reached a decision on acceptance of the Framework Agreement between Bosnia and European Union on the cooperation rules relating to the financial aid for Bosnia within the aid implementation through accession instruments (IPA).

They reached decision on adopting the agreement between Bosnia and European Investment Bank – Project for water supply and sewage system in Bosnia, and the agreement on financing between Bosnia and International Association for Development IDA – Road Infrastructure and safety project.

The Bosnian Presidency reached a decision on initiating the procedure for the talks over concluding the agreement between Bosnia and the Czech Republic on cooperation in the fight against crime, drug trade and organized crime.

The Bosnian Presidency also reached a decision on accepting the Joint Declaration between the Bosnian Ministry of Security and Austrian Ministry of Internal Affairs in the field of security in the occasion of European Football Championship in 2008.

The Bosnian Presidency also reached a decision on accession to the Bern Convention on the Protection of European wild species and natural habitats.

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