Thursday, January 31, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (January 31,2008) - The Bosnian Deputy Minister of External Trade and Economic Relations Vilim Primorac will take part in the conference “Mutual Achievement of Sustainable Energy” this week in Brussels. Minister Primorac has the role of coordinator for international energy cooperation.

"Taking part in this process Bosnia confirms its dedication in the reform of electric energy and gas sector, liberalization of electric energy market and adjustment of its policies with the EU”, Minister Primorac stated.

Pointing out that Bosnia is on a crossroad of energy choices, Primorac stated that a great attention is given to the implementation of the Road Map for energy community. Its implementation is going through several interconnected coordinated activities by the Bosnian Ministry of External Trade and Economic Relations.

Primorac added that Bosnia must have a coherent, coordinated and transparent development plan for production and transfer of electric energy in order to attract foreign investors and Road Map implementation.

Energy cooperation between Bosnia and other Southeastern European countries is mostly determined by the agreement on the setup of energy community, which Bosnia ratified on July 27 2006.

Bosnia is a signatory of Energy Charter with Perea Protocol on energy efficiency and belonging aspects of environment protection. Asides, Bosnia joined the Kyoto Protocol in 2007.

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