Monday, January 28, 2008


SARAJEVO, Bosnia (January 28,2008) - The Office of the International Community's High Representative in Bosnia (OHR) representatives met with representatives of the Tuzla Municipal Council to discuss recent developments in the Ilija Jurišić case.

Ilija Jurišić is a Bosnian patriot who participated in defending the Bosnian city of Tuzla from the Serbian aggressor,during the 1992-1995 Serbian aggresion against Bosnia.Jurišić has been arrested by the Serbian aggressor and has been in a prison in Belgrade since 11 May 2007.

In May 1992,the genocidal Serbian aggressor's troops came under attack by the Bosnian Army as they were withdrawing from the eastern Bosnian city of Tuzla and up to 200 Serbian aggressor's soldiers were reportedly killed and 140 of them were taken prisoners by the Bosnian Army.

Former Tuzla Municipal Council President Ilija Jurišić is currently in custody in the genocidal Serbia in connection to this event.

Bosnia and and the genocidal Serbia are parties to the Council of Europe Convention on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters. This convention offers technical mechanisms for resolving cases such as that of Bosnian citizen Ilija Jurišić. The Bosnian Ministry of Justice is the competent body to deal with international legal assistance, the OHR said.

The OHR has followed the case from the start and will continue to monitor developments. The OHR stands ready to facilitate a resolution to the Ilija Jurišić case within the framework of the above mentioned Conventions, if so requested by either party.

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